Shell and Exxon Join Greenwashing Initiative

The fossil fuel industry is worried about divestment. As extreme weather events play out on the news, a desperate industry is increasingly turning to greenwashing.

DeSmog notes that Exxon have joined the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative. This includes a “drop in the ocean” of $1 billion towards Carbon Capture and Storage and transition to gas. So nothing that is going to make any significant impact on climate change. But perhaps just enough to convince local leaders not to divest. We mustn’t be taken in. As the article notes, in this initiative there is:

  • no commitment to works towards effective carbon pricing both globally and at national level,
  • an onus on governments to first create policy framework without a commitment to lobby for this,
  • no commitment to emissions or energy transition targets over the next 30 years to 2050,
  • no commitment to bring all natural gas fugitive emissions across full supply chain below on percent,
  • and no quantitative commitment to increase research and development spending on clean and renewable energy.

What these recent announcements do tell us is of the willingness of an unstainable industry to spend billions on shallow PR exercises to give it a sheen of acceptability. We call on local leaders to show their real commitment to our precious climate by completely divesting local government pension funds and instead investing in companies that are making a real difference with renewables.

Divest WMPF in the News

We are delighted that coverage of the Coventry Rise for Climate has been featured in the Coventry local press. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event. We are looking forward to some action from our West Midlands councillors to stop investing in Fracking and Fossil Fuels. Read the story.

Birmingham has voted to divest. Will Coventry be next?

Today at the Rise for Climate event in Coventry it was inspiring to see and hear how people are saying a decisive “No!” to the local government’s decision to invest £490 million of pension money in fossil fuels.

So many people were willing to be photographed and videoed demanding action from Coventry council. It is quite clear: Coventry has had enough. It is time for the council to stop investing in fossil fuels and move the money to companies which are serious about achieving the 2.0 degree Paris Agreement by completely rejecting fossil fuel extaction.

To all the people who attended the event, who gave their time to pitch in and help and stand up for positive action on climate change I want to say a huge thank you. Please get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or at

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Coventry-Rise for Climate

Join us on Saturday the 8th September for Coventry -Rise for Climate.  2:00 pm-3.30pm ,

Come along and let the council know you want divestment , take part in a visual opinion poll, create a selfie showing why you back urgent climate action or make a ‘vox pop’ for our video. Join in the action photo at 2.30pm.

(Bring some bubbles if you can or get arty with a home made placard -#rise for climate / #fossil free )

A writing stand will provide the information and everything you need to write to your councillor- then ‘post’ your letter using our ‘nodding donkey’. ( We’ll make sure they are sent)

There will be giant bubbles, Divest Dino ballon modelling and crafts too.

Power Trip

In the fight against climate change Divest WMPF are screening Powertrip: Fracking in the UK, a powerful film that takes you to the frontline of resistance against fracking. The screening is part of a drive to build support in Coventry for the work of Divest WMPF.

Birmingham City Council recently voted unanimously to pull its Pension Fund money out of fossil fuels, thanks to the persuasive power of this campaign group .  The goal now is to build support across the West Midlands and get all six other local authorities to follow suit. If this goal is reached then £490 million of West Midlands Pension Fund money will be divested away from fossil fuels and into local renewable energy schemes, adding to the figure of $6 trillion which has already been divested by institutions across the globe.

Come to the free event, meet the team and join a campaign which is delivering rapid, global progress by striking at the heart of the financial beast!

POWER TRIP: Fracking in the UK
Tuesday, July 17th at 5:45pm – 8.00pm
Coventry Peace House, 311 Stoney Stanton Road, CV6 5DS